Aussie equities is all we do

    For more than 30 years, the Tyndall name in Australia has been synonymous with equity funds. Our approach, process and performance track record have been well-rated by the research community and earned us a number of industry awards.

    We believe the best results in the future come from identifying value in the market today. That’s why we continually and thoroughly analyse opportunities in our investment universe. Our single-minded focus on our clients help us aim to deliver repeatable, sustainable and consistent investment outcomes.

    What gives us our edge?

    Investing in Australian equities isn’t something we dabble in, it’s all we do.
    As one of Australia’s largest and most experienced investment teams, we’re at home taking strong active positions in undervalued securities to deliver higher returns with acceptable risk. We do this by applying our rigorous fundamental research, sharing insights and ideas, running objective corporate valuations, and overlaying our unique multi-layered analysis model. It’s this depth of research that makes all the difference.

    Capturing alpha

    We believe all stocks have an intrinsic value and that inefficiencies in the market create buying opportunities. Applying our ‘Comparative Value Analysis’ lets us identify mispriced stocks that represent good value. We apply a four-step investment process to build our portfolios.

    1. Research

    We complete detailed fundamental analysis on the stocks and sectors in our universe, incorporating analysis of risks, opportunities, and ESG factors. Where ESG issues are identified as material, we adjust stock valuations to incorporate them. Only when we’ve fully researched, modelled, and valued stocks will we take a position.

    2. Ranking

    Our proprietary quantitative ranking tool includes a total return forecast for each stock we cover. This forecast return includes capital gains, dividend income and franking credits. These returns allow us to compare stocks across the market based on relative value.

    3. Risk Assessment 

    To make better buy/sell decisions and reduce the risk of value traps, our team runs a quality and risk assessment on each stock vetting for earnings, structural, and balance sheet risk, ESG issues, cycle position, optionality, and sector/stock diversification risk.

    4. Portfolio Construction

    The team builds high conviction, diversified portfolios consisting of stocks with high forecast returns. A portfolio risk model is used to assess and manage aggregate portfolio risk and any unintended biases.

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    How to invest

    For any enquiries in relation to our products, please contact Investor Services on 1800 034 494.